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becky and family with her mom
a thnk younote from becky's dad johnny

Meet Becky

My path to founding this business started in 2002 when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. My dad, my sisters and I had little knowledge about the disease and what was to come. I immersed myself in all the material I could find related to all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Over the course of the next several years it was becoming increasingly apparent that time and the progress my mother’s disease was taking a toll on my father’s ability to run the household and effectively care for my mother.


The responsibility to find alternative housing and care options for my parents fell to me. The process of finding a comfortable, safe and caring community for two of the people I loved most was overwhelming. In the course of my search I consulted with the Des Moines Area Alzheimer’s Association which led to a long direct involvement with that organization which remains today.


Of course, I had many suggestions and opinions offered by family and friends which were both helpful and confusing at the same time. I toured many communities and listened to the sales personnel tout their services and facilities. This exhausting process went on while I was holding down a job and raising a young active family. Eventually a decision was made that satisfied all concerned.


During the time my parents lived in their Senior Community I met many family members of the other residents. Many shared their stories of the difficult decisions they had to make and the stress and confusion associated with those decisions. Over time a common theme emerged, they all wished they had some focused, dedicated and knowledgeable assistance available to them.


My passion is working with seniors and their families. I want to spearhead the movement of helping people navigate through this major change in their lives. This is why I created Senior HomeFinder of Iowa.  

picture of becky montgomery
pictue of johnny orr, becky's dad

Becky Montgomery

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